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Simplify & Surrender

I was doing yoga this morning, I’m trying to commit to a practice of getting back into my body, feeling stronger, feeling more confident, feeling more alive, feeling more courageous and importantly feeling more connected to all these things mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I often feel in my mind what my body feels - sometimes the two have this conversation with each other that I feel outside of or perhaps don’t feel I have control over - and for a while now I’ve been feeling tired. Like really fucking tired. Like no matter what I do or don’t do, I can’t seem to feel rested enough.

Now I know we all have been undergoing significant changes, both inner and outer. We’ve each been holding space for something, someone or perhaps we’ve been the one to receive this space holding and perhaps and more likely it may have been a little bit of both.

But this morning I remembered something, something I want to share with you and if it resonates, great. If it doesn’t then just leave it.

Here it is!

Simplify and Surrender!

If one thing this past year has taught us, is to simplify and surrender to the simplification that’s been offered. Now if you’re not used to that, then I invite you to inquire what the words simplify and surrender mean to you. What does it bring up in your mind? How does it feel in your body? Is there any resistance? Do you struggle to just be? Do you struggle to not be constantly doing something? Do you struggle to be still? Do you find yourself looking for distractions? Looking for something to fill the space that finds you or is offered to you? Do you find it hard to surrender when things don’t go as planned or go your way?

There are many paths that this inquiry can go down, but it’s definitely worth inquiring, since we haven’t really moved any further along in our global pause.

So as I was transitioning into one yoga pose to the other, I decided that I would pause in each pose and indulge in a one full inhale and exhale and be fully present to how that felt in my mind and my body in that moment - and you know what? It felt fucking amazing!! In that moment I felt grateful for the spaciousness that I didn’t used to have. I felt grateful for the spaciousness that I was now giving myself.

In that one whole breath, that simple and pure whole breath - from beginning to end - slow and steady, in and out, I felt so much gratitude for being in the simplicity of what felt like infinite space and time.

And that this last year, this was it. This was the gift. Learning to simplify and surrender. To simplify life to the most basic needs of being. To surrender anything that filled my space with anything other than gratitude and simplicity of being in the moment with the very essence of life - A Union of Mind, Body and Spirit.

More of these moments please. And you know what, I can choose to feel this anytime I want and so can you.

I’d love to hear from you on any practices that you’ve experienced during this global pause that have allowed you to come home to yourself in the most simplest ways.

With Love & Reverence,

Angharad xo

Photo credit - Wix gallery

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