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So what is Astrology?


In my own interpretation Astrology provides the Soul’s blueprint for this lifetime - this blueprint information includes information brought forth from past, present and future lifetimes.


Since the dawn of civilization, Astrology has been used to help navigate our daily lives, patterns, cycles and seasons. Guided by the positioning of the luminaries; the Sun and the Moon, the stars and planets, humans were able to determine when to travel, when to plant, when to harvest and even navigate the weather to name a few. Astrology invites us to understand the cycles, seasons and patterns in our lives and can be a powerful healing tool for personal growth, evolution and healing. Astrology allows us to navigate our lives in alignment with the Universe. 


I truly believe that we are so deeply connected and intimately woven with the cosmos. Our psyche written in the stars and simultaneously unfolding in this daily human existence. An active guidance system that leads us into the treasure of true awakened consciousness and embodiment of living and breathing our highest potential for ourselves, each other, our ancestors and our descendents. 


Just like the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, within those, we too have our own individual and collective seasons. Whatever season you may be in,  I create a safe and sacred place for others to be authentic and honest about where they are in their life and where they want to be. 


In working with me, you will begin to learn how to tune into your own cycles and seasons, develop a sense of acceptance, surrender and trust, and begin to navigate these seasons, where inner and outer transformation can occur and create more balance, connection and alignment in your life and relationships.


Basic Astrology education

Most people know their birth (sun)  sign, however you are so much more than your sun sign.

Your birth chart or natal chart is a picture of the sky the moment you were born. Just like the sun rises and sets each day, they move into a new position and point in the sky depending on the time of day, just like the moon also has different phases.


Your birth chart on a basic level consists of: 

  1. The Planets, representing the who and the what (planets as beings/people/gods/organs)

  2. The 12 Zodiac signs represent the why and the how (describing  nature and temperament).

  3. 3.The 12 houses, represent the different areas of your life = the    where (chambers of being)

Every birth chart is completely unique to that individual, you will never see the same birth chart repeated. So you incarnated into this world as a unique soul and you will live out your life as a unique soul. Your birth / natal chart provides validating information that can help you navigate, heal and evolve through the cycles and seasons of your life in all areas of your life.

 As astrologers we can also study the birth/natal chart in direct relationship with the current moving sky and how we are being influenced as a collective and as an individual - think how the full moon and new moon travel through their different phases and different signs throughout the month. On a basic level and so as to not get too complicated. These are called transits. These transits activate all areas of your birth chart throughout your life on a daily basis.


Basically speaking your birth/natal chart doesn’t change, but the transiting planets in their signs are in continuous motion and travel at different speeds, over periods of time. 

Each month I write an Astrological Weather report  that speaks to the collective transiting planets and signs, how they may be influencing us and some helpful guidance on how to navigate the cosmic tides. You can can find the most recent report on the blog section of this website.

For a more personalized reading, you can book a session with me by emailing me at where we will find a convenient time to meet via zoom.

Sessions are 60mins at $180  payable via paypal / venmo or BACS. A payment link will be sent via our first email together. 

For your birth chart I will need:

  • Your full name

  • Your birth date

  • Exact time of birth

  • Place and country of birth

** Bookings typically require 2 weeks advance notice due to the depth of preparatory work when interpreting a birth/natal chart. You will receive a copy of your birth/natal chart followed by a 60min live session with me via zoom where I will share my interpretation of your birth chart. This is designed to be an interactive experience, so you can also ask specific questions about your chart during our session. You will also received a recording of the session and a follow up check in email around a week or so later. 

To schedule a booking, please contact me at

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