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Astrology Tutoring 

This tutorial is uniquely designed and guided by you within the realm of learning the basics or diving more deeply into the basics of Astrology and the Spiritual Essence of Astrology and your relationship to it. My approach in an Astrological Tutorial session is to make it simple, accessible and empowering. 

Tutorial Sessions options are:

1 hour @ $111


3 x session package @ $333

Please email

with the following helpful information:

  • Full Name

  • Email address

  • Date of Birth

  • Exact time of Birth

  • Place of birth (city, county and Country

  • Experience with Astrology 

  • Areas / Inquiries of Tutorial focus and Support needed

As soon as I have received your email, my intention is to get back to you within 48 hrs. We will then schedule a date and time that is most convenient for you. 


I so look forward to working with you. 

With Cosmic Wonder,

Angharad 🌟

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