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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - Rest, Release & Receive

An eclipse occurs when a heavenly body/planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body/planet.

Eclipses happen in pairs, but can happen in threes and they always occur on New Moons and Full Moons and on the lunar nodes. Eclipses also occur in relationship cycles, over a period of 18-24 months within a family of signs. These are extra potent events and amplify the energy of both the full moon and new moon energy times 10.

Solar eclipses are a time of new beginnings and opportunities. Remember that we have switched to a new frequency, so this will feel like a reorientation and recentering to the new waves. Take time, once again to tune in and see how things feels and recalibrate to the new level you find yourself in.

The Lunar eclipse brings about emotional endings and a letting go. We can experience sudden unexpected events, big changes, developments and transitions in any area of our life; home, job, career, health, relationships. Things that were hidden can be revealed, we can experience a range of increased emotions and sensitivities, along with activations of new gifts and new awareness.

Eclipses are upgrades. Times of rapid transformation and evolution. It is said that eclipses are like attuning to a new radio station frequency, once the eclipse occurs, we will no longer be able to attune to the previous station, it is lost and gone forever and we will need to recalibrate to the new frequency.

The Full Moon Eclipse on May 5th at 7:22 pm CEST occurs in the sign of Scorpio and on the South Node. Let's break this down.

The moon represents the body, emotions, intuition, and the feminine (this does not mean the masculine is not affected by the way, if you are breathing, it affects you :-)

The archetypes of scorpio include: the detective, the alchemist, the investigator.

Themes of scorpio include: intimacy, sexuality, secrecy, power, control, intensity, depth, obsessiveness, wealth, joint ventures.

Scorpio has two ruling planets:

Pluto supports Scorpio's need for transformation and rebirth.

Mars who is responsible for the passion and fire that drives Scorpio.

Scorpio wants to make the unconscious conscious and revels in its desire to dive deeply and bring whatever it finds into the light and straight into the fires of transformation and transmutation.

The South node represents where you’ve come from, what’s comfortable because of familiarity. The south node is also related to obstacles and challenges that we bring into this life that can often hinder our forward path. Evolutionary Astrologer, Steven Forrest coins the south node to be ‘the fingerprint of the chart’, it can point to the role, qualities and patterns, we’ve played in many lifetimes and is opposite the North Node.

This eclipse occurs on the south node and is a powerful catalyst for releasing, purging what is outdated and no longer sustainable. We often don’t get to choose the conditions surrounding this, but we can choose how we respond and react according to what we are being confronted with. The invitation is to address whatever comes up with as much compassion, honesty and gentleness as you can (with self and others).

No-one said this path would be easy. Change is truly the only constant.

The North Node represents what we are growing into, our life direction, soul Journey, the evolutionary path, this is where the New Moon Eclipse in Aries occurred two weeks ago.

Interpretation of this Eclipse cycle April / May 2023

Scorpio is challenged in this placement of the Moon, it amplifies issues around vulnerabilities of all kinds, particularly within the body and also emotions. It is normal to feel more and raw during this time and for issues that have been hidden to come to the surface. Know these are coming up to be tended and released.

The invitation is to take care of your body, hydrate, take rest in abundance, nourish yourself with great food, go into nature, find balance and replenishment here. Taurus is the opposite sign so we look to Taurus to find balance and stability here. Trust your body, trust your senses, lean into those things that feel supportive.

New Endings and New Beginnings beckon us

We are closing up a story here. This will be the last Eclipse in Scorpio for nearly two decades and as of the last Solar Eclipse two weeks ago, we are beginning a new cycle / theme on the Aries / Libra zodiacal axis that will last until 2025.

The last cycle of the Solar eclipse two weeks ago ( April 20th) occurred in the sign of Aries. The last cycle of that eclipse was 10 years ago - 2013.

Journal Inquiry:

What were you beginning in 2013?

How is that relevant now as we begin a brand new 10 year cycle?

What are you deepening into from 2013?

For me, I began my Qoya teacher training path to teach classes. yesterday May 4th, we just received confirmation that myself and Meghan Field will facilitate as teacher trainers, the 1st ever UK Qoya Intensive teacher training. How awesome is that AND how telling it is of the powerful influence of these planetary cycles.

Nothing is happening by chance.

I deeply believe that we are guided by an internal navigation system (Soul) that is aligned with the active living and breathing cosmic guidance system each and every moment. Whether we are aware of it or not. Once we become aware and attuned, I believe we have greater clarity, validation and confirmation about ourselves, our life and the greater purpose we have here as human beings on earth.

To understand more about yourself and your own life path, I highly recommend booking a reading with me. It's a total game changer!!!

Photo of me (on the left, green top) teaching my first every Qoya Class at Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture in Minneapolis

Journal Inquiry continued:

What were the themes back in November 2021 within your own life?

November 2021 was the beginning of the Scorpio/Taurus axis and beginning of this now ending cycle.

***Remember that Eclipses on the zodiacal axis have a 18 month - 2 year cycle. Within that period we experience eclipses every 6 months and the impact of each eclipse that has its own theme and will activate a particular individual theme for you as an individual in a particular area of your life.

Our last New Moon Solar eclipse in Scorpio ( 6 months ago) was October 25th 2022. Followed by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th.

What was happening back then that is relevant and wrapping up now?

***Remember the impact of eclipses can take up to 6 months or longer to unfold, but we definitely feel them activating our lives in some shape or form. Some are more sensitive to these than others and that will depend on your own birth chart and current transits and degrees that are being activated right now.

This Eclipse is followed by a Sun conjunct Uranus.

The Sun represents our identity, our personality, the role we came to play.

Uranus is the planet of the great awakenings. It brings surprises, shock, unexpected events, revolutionary evolution and eventual liberation. This coupling can feel ungrounded and can shake up some deeply rooted emotions and invite endings to finally end.

Area of life being activated and coming up for release and removal of obstacles and outdated patterns for this May 5th Eclipse. Relevant for both Sun and Rising sign:

Aries: Death, Sex, Inheritances, Shared resources

Taurus: Committed partnerships, business, intimate

Gemini: Daily work, health and wellness

Cancer: Creative projects, children, joy, pleasure

Leo: Home, family and origins

Virgo: Communication, learning, extended family, neighborhood/community, siblings

Libra: Value, self worth, income, earnings, resources

Scorpio: Self, identity, expression

Sagittarius: Inner world, spiritual life, past life, closure

Capricorn: Community, Social groups and networks

Aquarius: Public roles, legacy, life path

Pisces: Belief systems, religion, study, journey’s - inner and outer

Sending you ease, grace and gentleness as you navigate these times of incredible transformation. May you find the journal prompts helpful in gaining deeper clarity about your own life cycles and the ever unfolding journey of the soul living in and through your human body and experience.

With Cosmic Love,

Angharad - Holistic Counseling and Intuitive Astrology

Services and Offerings:

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Image of Dragon: Pinterest, Artist Ayse Aksoy (this may need a spelling correction, apologies)

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