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New Moon in Taurus - Nurture your Nature

Dear Earthlings,

We have made it to the other side of the Eclipse portal.

Reminder: Eclipses are portals of deep and great transformation. Both within and without. They bring about new beginnings and new endings. Eclipses are catalysts for rapid evolution and change, that can be supportive and also deeply shocking and transformational. The impact of eclipse energy can take months to integrate and fully understand.

New Moon in Taurus @ 28 degree 25’

Friday May 19th at 4:53pm UK GMT, we arrive at the first New Moon since the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio (see last article here Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio ) but this time in the sign of Scorpio's opposite, Taurus. This New Moon is accompanied by some other pretty powerful aspects which I won’t go into detail but the reading below will speak to this.

So let’s break this down…

Taurus’s archetype is the Gardener, the Creative, Dancer, Naturalist, Nature Lover, Foodie, Banker to name a few.

Taurus’s themes include pleasure, fertility, senses, slow, methodical, nourishment, material and comfort, cozy, abundance, grounded, practical, music, embodied, stubborn, lazy, stuck, living in the past.

Taurus is Fixed Earth, meaning Taurus is an anchor, has a sustaining energy, is deeply rooted, like an ancient tree.

Taurus governs the ears, neck, nose, throat.

Keywords are I have.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, who is the planet of love, beauty, finances, what we value and where we place our value.

This New Moon in Taurus holds a significant and powerful connection to other significant shift in energies this week where the planet of expansion, abundance, growth and luck - Jupiter - also enters the sign of Taurus on May 16th.

Jupiter spends around 1 year in each sign, so this means we are beginning a new 12 year cycle until Jupiter returns to Taurus again.

Journal reflection:

What themes were present in your life the last time Jupiter was in Taurus:

June 2011 - 2012

July 1999 - June 2002

March 1988 - 1989

As we reflect on these themes and what was happening within our lives around that time, notice if there are any similarities in these themes right now and unfolding in the next 12 months.

Guidance for this New Moon and current related astrological influences

The invitation here is to notice your relationship to wealth, not wealth in terms of monetary only, but also what you place value in, how you create value. One of my teachers from Astrology Hub, perhaps it was the founder, Amanda Pua Walsh said and I am paraphrasing "Whatever you give your attention to and spend your money on, is where you place your value." Consider this for a moment.

So what is that? Is where you place your value in alignment with your core beliefs and also for the highest good of all concerned. We consider the macro and micro here, because we are not separate. The individual and the collective. What I do impacts others, what others do impact me.

Consider your body, your mind, your spirit, your health, consider the food you eat? Does it nourish your body? Where does your food come from? Is it local? Is it sprayed with chemicals? Is it grown organically in rich soil that is cared for by the steward of the land and simultaneously supports the nature that surrounds it. Are the animal products you consume treated with care, kindness, consideration and compassion? Do you know where they are sourced? Do you have a connection with this source.

Personal Short Story:

I remember living in Minnesota and we had a local farmer that we would purchase raw milk, butter, cream and a selection of meats. The community would take turns going to this farm to collect orders that had been placed and drop it back in city at a drop point. I remember going to this farm on my turn and wandering around the farm, visiting the animals and I swear to you they were smiling. They were so happy. They were loved, taken care of. I know this sounds strange to think that now I'm going to consume this beloved animal, however I do believe there is a consciousness to how we treat what we eat. Even down to the thoughts we have when we prepare our food and how we think about it as we are eating it. I have long since prayed over my food before consuming it. I personally believe it changes the energy in which I receive it with. I bless those who have grown, sourced, prepared it, up until it arrives with me and then bless it beyond me.

For more information around changing the energy of what we consume and the impact we can have check out Dr Masaru Emoto's book the Healing Power of Water.

Guidance continued........

Consider the content you consume in terms of your mind - news, media, TV, books, study, even conversation, friendships, relationships, work environments and so on - does it nourish you? Does it feel good? Do you feel good engaging with it? Are you receiving support in areas that you need to take care of your mental health and wellbeing, not just for yourself but for your loved ones and those you keep company with, who are recipients of the quality of your health and wellbeing . I remember a dear friend and teacher saying to me ‘we must take responsibility for the energy we bring to others and situations.' A game changing book on this was A complaint free world by Jim Bowen

Consider your spirit - how are you feeding your spirit? Walks in nature, dancing, meditation, prayer, music, inspiration, creativity, following your heart with hobbies, projects that call you, what passions are your honouring? How are you dancing with life? How is life dancing with you?

We consume, take in energy at all times, consider the quality of energy you are consuming and contributing. What changes would you like to make?

From Micro to Macro and vice versa

Are you supporting local resources, communities, local businesses in sustainable ways? Is it sustaining their ability to support you?

Are you taking care of the body of the earth? Of the plant, animal, ocean kingdoms? As an example, consider the vast amounts of packaging involved around foods these days, how are we disposing of this? Is there a way we can consciously contribute towards lessening unnecessary waste? Local farmers markets, eating seasonly are some options.

What in your environment is calling for more support, more nourishment, more consciousness, more consideration, more growth, more expansion, more study, more evolution?

What are we cultivating for the next generation? What will be the legacy that we each leave behind in terms of wealth (beyond money) on an expanded consciousness level?

How can we nurture those things that we value more deeply, more consciously not just for ourselves, but for and with others and for the planet at large.

There is also an invitation here to simply notice where abundance and wealth already exists in your life - think bigger and beyond !! This is Jupiter. Jupiter brings blessings and generosity and in Taurus we are invited to slooow down and notice those blessings and to then pay it forward.

As with all of life, there is polarity. So whilst these themes speak to one side of the polarity of abundance for example, there is also a spectrum. We can lean all the way over to the other end of the spectrum and perhaps reflect on ways that we dwell in lack, in poverty consciousness, in overconsuming and over indulgence, in entitlement, in waste and not taking responsibility, in not seeing the bigger picture and the impact of continued unconscious acts of destruction and devastation on our planet, on our local communities and resources, within our body’s, our minds, our spirits, our children’s health and well-being aka our future generation. Ignoring the alarm bells for re-evolution and evolution through immediate action.

Pluto the lord of the underworld, of power, greed, control, transformation, death and rebirth has significant influence this week and also dances on a spectrum within us and also within the collective and the powers that be. Notice where you see these dynamics at play.

We understand that whilst there are particular themes running within our own lives and throughout our lives, these repeated themes also operate on a collective, global level. In many ways, astrology provides a road map through this life. We can get access to past, present and even future information based on these themes and trends and through that information we can make the changes that are so desperately calling us. So how can we listen more deeply, act more consciously and evolve locally and globally?

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As we change our own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards us. We need not wait to see what others do - Mahatma Gandhi ( I amended this to make it inclusive)

Let us reflect

How am I nurturing my nature and the nature of this planet?

What seeds am I planting in the great garden of my life and the life of this great planet?

The area of life this New Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Taurus is nourishing and feeding for your Sun and Rising:

Aries: Nourish and feed your desires, you will be supported financially.

Taurus: Nourish and feed your most authentic self in the world, you will be welcomed fully and completely.

Gemini: Nourish and feed your spiritual life, listen and trust yourself more deeply.

Cancer: Nourish and feed your communities and friendships, they will nourish and feed you right back. Be open hearted and generous.

Leo: Nourish and feed your professional life, dreams and visions, you will be fully supported for your courage.

Virgo: Nourish and feed what you have to share with the world through written and verbal communication. Revel in new study and grow into your authentic self, you will be supported fully.

Libra: Nourish and feed your investments for the future, it will support you right back.

Scorpio: Nourish and feed your partnerships, new and existing relationships, let them feed you right back - this is how you will know they are for you, they will feel right and true.

Sagittarius: Nourish and feed your daily work and health habits, build a schedule / business for success, success will be yours.

Capricorn: Nourish and feed your creative life with a focus on pleasure and joy as the goal and manifestation, you are supported with this.

Aquarius: Nourish and feed your home and family life, upgrade, decorate and Feng shui your environment, let it nourish and feed your mind, body and spirit.

Pisces: Nourish and feed your mind with inspiration, write, learn, share and connect. Revel in the resonant connections you receive.

Sending you much love and grace as we move through these continued times of transformation and evolution.

With Love and Great Blessings,

Angharad xo

For a one on one astrological counselling session please email me at

Qoya New Moon Class: Sunday May 21st at 10:30am at The Narbeth Training Barn, Narbeth, Pembrokeshire - message me to register.

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