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Full Moon in Pisces - Celebrate You

Full moon in Pisces @ 17 degrees September 10th 2022

Pisces Facts:

  • Pisces ruling planet is Neptune

  • Neptune keywords: dreams, illusions, mysticism and magick, idealism

  • Pisces element: Water

  • Qualities of Water element: Intuitive, creative, emotional

  • Pisces is a mutable sign

  • Quality of the mutable Mode: Changeable, transferring energy, adaptable, easily influenced, versatile, serving

  • Pisces rules 12th House of hidden influences, spirituality, past lives, magic, secrets

  • Qualities of Pisces: The cosmic womb, the Dreamer, idealistic, poet

  • Keywords associated with Pisces: Dreamy, creative, other-worldly, spiritual, mystical, magickal. Addictive tendencies, absorbing other people energies

  • Polar sign: Virgo

  • Organ system and body: feet, immune system, lymphatic system

  • Key Phrase: I imagine/ I dream

The Moon facts:

  • The Moon’s home is in Cancer

  • Moon keywords: Intuition, feminine, emotional, body

  • The moon tends to be associated with the element of Water, think of the oceans and the influence of the moon on the tides.

  • The Moon gives information about your feelings and basic needs, your relationship with your mother and your body.

  • The moon / cancer is the ruler of the 4th house

  • Polar luminary: The Sun ( the sun and the moon are not planets, but what astrologers call Luminaries think illumination.

  • Organ system and body: The moon has long been associated with menstrual cycle, brain, stomach, nervous system

  • Key Phrase: I feel

More about Pisces

Pisces ♓️ is the final sign in the zodiac and is said to be an accumulation of the zodiacal energies that precede it. Pisces is intuitive, empathic and sensitive, living in both the Mystical and the earthly realms. Pisces represents the unity of polarity, boundaries dissolve between the physical world and the mystical.

Pisces revels in the imaginary and the dreamworld, there is the capacity to experience ecstatic bliss. However, when the feeling of this dissipates there can be a tendency to addictively search for this experience as a way of being, whereby giving access to higher states of bliss. This can also be used as an escape or distraction because of Pisces ability to be so deeply connected to the collective energies and feeling so much of it of the world’s suffering or simply the other. The polar sign of Pisces is Virgo, Virgo wants to balance the experience in a grounded, embodied and healthful way.

What does Full Moons represent?

Full moons are a culmination of the energies that began at the New moon and the intentions that were set at that time. One of the invitations of a full moon is to release what’s come to fullness and fruition. Full moons are cleansing and purifying and can be symbolic of letting go of what is no longer needed.

Full Moon in Pisces September 10th 2022

On this particular Full Moon in Pisces, Shamanic Astrologer, Sheridan Semple presents us with a different view, she invites us to celebrate ourselves. She says to reflect upon and highlight a personal superpower we each have. To celebrate this by acknowledging this to yourself, to another, allow others to celebrate you as you celebrate them in their shared superpower. We are taught from such a young age to not express ourselves or shine at what we do best. Oftentimes being shamed by others for “showing off” what we are good at. It is at this time that we shut down that superpower, which is so sad because, the fact is we each have unique gifts that we were born with and these gifts are destined to be born through us and shared. Some of these gifts may be so small and seemingly insignificant to you, however you simply excel at it. So bring this to the forefront this full moon and celebrate it. Share it with those who have the capacity to celebrate you and your superpower. We truly need this kind of celebration in our world to raise the vibration into a higher frequency of love and joy.

Don’t have anyone to share and celebrate your superpower with - share it with me!! ❤️

One of my super powers is Courage!! I am not afraid to make necessary Changes in my life to evolve and grow, I follow what my heart says.

How can you support your


  • Nourish yourself with delicious food, revel in the creativity of making food that perhaps you wouldn’t normally. Have fun, make making food a meditative practice.

  • Dance, move, walk, stretch, rest, swim in any way that feels good to your body that feels effortless.

  • Swim in the ocean or take a bath add some sea salt to cleanse away energies that you absorb from others and the collective. Keep your field cleanse and purified. Drink plenty of water, bless this water with gratitude and receive this in your body.


  • Honoring your intuition, let is guide you in an embodied and grounded way

  • Be kind to yourself, avoid stressful or negative situations/people, find ways to speak kind things to yourself, positive affirmations, remember you are what you think - change the narrative of negative self talk and instead celebrate yourself for all the things you’ve achieved in the past and how far you’ve come, the little and bigs things. Take time to reflect on this.

  • Meditate, be in nature, listen to water sounds, ocean waves, whale sounds, cloud watching, moon bathing and watching, anything that feels calming and rejuvenating.


  • Make a prayer offering in water form, to a body of water with the intention of celebrating your and your superpower (s), simply whisper or say your intention ‘ I acknowledge celebrate how far I’ve come this year in cultivating courage in myself and my life’ or whatever your words are for you, blow the energy of this into the water and then offer it to the body of water or earth.

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