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Qoya ~ Alchemy

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Qoya Alchemy

What is Alchemy? There are a number of descriptions of this, and the one that most resonates for the message I wish to share with you is the following:

“Alchemy is the art of transmutation of energies and transmutation of self. Enlightenment is having your physical, emotional and spiritual selves in alignment.”

As we move into a new cycle of beginning, from one year to the next, from what has been previously birthed and manifested and forward, into a space of dreaming and planting seeds of new intentions and ways of being. This theme of Alchemy felt both relevant and resonant as I myself have felt this shift of my internal and external worlds. This too speaks to the collective shift of consciousness as we all reflect on ways of the past year and how we intend to move forward, having brought forth learning and wisdom from the previous year of challenges and blessings. I love the word Alchemy, the transmutation of energies of self and how its that time of year where for the most part the rest of the world is in unison with this intention of new beginnings and desire for a new world order.

So how do we work through this time of transition and adaptation? We dance with it. We feel it. We create space to honor that which is becoming. We acknowledge that transition is a delicate and tender time of learning how to be with what is or isn't and we find ways to feel nourished and supported, in whatever ways feel true.

In Qoya we use movement as a form of medicine to navigate our daily lives in ways that feel good, whilst also honoring ways in which we do not feel good. We find deeper meaning through intentional movement and heart felt intention. We find support in the sacredness of community and we draw upon the wisdom of the ancients to provide guidance and soften our sometimes desperate searching beyond the present moment and bring that Divine guidance into the here and now. We take comfort in the sharing of the truth of our daily life with those who can bear witness to our vulnerable hearts without judgement. We find reverence in the union of our mind, body and spirit and offer our intentions through Prayerful movement. We reset our mind and body’s through releasing that which does not serve us. We remember the joy that can be found in a collective choreograph dance, and we give ourselves and each other the permission to dance freely and creatively from our heart space. We remember ourselves and reset our focus on forward movement and how we will honor ourselves in the coming days, weeks. We revel in the physical stretching of the expansion of our experience through the body, and finally we gift ourselves a period of relaxation, to integrate, to just be and let being be enough. We complete this ritual of intentional movement and dedication of a particular theme with a prayer of gratitude and offer a prayer of witnessing each others Divine light as we move into and onto our next journey, until we meet again. Forever in each others hearts through the channels of Great Spirit.

We gather together because we need to. Because we want to. Because we know that every dance is an act of radical self care and nourishment, for ourselves, for each other and the world. We know this to be a powerful act of healing the world in which we live, when we take care of ourselves and acknowledge that we are fully supported by the Infinite realms and manifestations of Great Spirit and the Ancient Ones throughout all time, space and dimensions.

Join me Sunday January 13th at 5pm, Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture for Qoya Alchemy.

With Infinite love and Blessings,

Angharad xo

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