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Trusting Yourself - Easy or hard?

Trusting yourself - Easy or hard?

How easy is this for you?

How hard is this for you?

When you get a feeling about something, someone or a situation, do you trust it or override it?

Do you override it with fantastical daydreams about things being different?

Do you let your head justify the situation as not being what it really is or what you’d rather it be?

One of the most powerful truths I know as a woman, is that we have forgotten how to trust in what we feel. Now I could go into a whole array of reasons about why, but that’s not what I’m going to do here.

The point is that it’s happened and unless we are consciously aware of this and practicing this reconnection to trusting ourselves we will (to name only a few):

1) Never be free

2) Continue to experience the same thing /person but perhaps in a different place or different situation - perhaps a lot or a little more evolved than before.

Quite simple because as a human spiritual being, we are here to learn, grow and evolve - so we will continue to experience the same thing until we learn the lesson.

They are layers and layers of this lesson throughout the life, in the different areas of our life - relationships, friendships, work situations, health and wellness and so on.......

Evolution is cyclical.

It’s within our power to learn, grow, heal and evolve any situation or person simply by choosing to come into conscious relationship with it, within yourself and begin to listen for the truth underneath it all. Your truth! Not someone else’s version or traditional values, expectations, projections and so on.

Wholeheartedly, YOUR Truth.

No-one said it would be easy, but eventually as we learn how to trust in what we know to be true, things begin to shift in our favor. Why? Because we listened. We honored. We acknowledged. We take radical action and things WILL begin to change. Why? Because we are choosing to do something different.

We often stay stuck in situations because they are comfortable or familiar, to the point that even if it’s hard, we often stay because change is so much scarier and the familiar is so much more comfortable. As one who’s undergone so much transformation in her life, I know this path intimately, so I can absolutely relate. Compassionately and with fierce courage.

So what now?

Confront the elephant in the room!

What are you afraid of? Feel into it. Invite it in. Face it. Experience it. You will see the truth for what it is. You can begin to get a clear picture of what stands between settling for what it is or choosing whatever it is what you truly, wholeheartedly want and deserve.

As I write this, I’m also reminding myself too.

We are each on this forever Soul led journey that is infinite.

Take time. Listen to what whispers to you. Trust in its truth.

The truth is a constant visitor.

It doesn’t leave you alone - internally and externally. Until you’ve fully acknowledged it and activated its medicine.

One thing I share with my clients is that Awareness is the first step towards change. We don’t have to act immediately, but simply be aware and bear witness to the truth, as it begins to validate our own inner truth.

So wherever you are, if you choose, for now, just be a conscious witness to these situations, circumstances, people, places, things that are coming up for you and when and if the time is right to take action, you will know. Because you've chosen to begin listening, acknowledge and honor what is and therefore have been developing this deep trust in yourself around your own inner truths.

Be gentle with yourself. We only know what we know, when we know it and only then can we choose where to go from there.

Sending so much Love, Compassion and Trust,


Angharad xo


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