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Liberation through Evolution, Learn to Discern

I feel ignited. Wade vs roe was overturned and reversed, so now we have a global community issue to deal with for all those with uteruses. We are being forced to go back underground again, but this time, we descend with bigger and better resources than ever before and we will rise and continue to rise. Maybe this is where the work needs to happen. Just like dark forces operate in the hidden places and spaces of society, those forces who have taken up space in our sacred places and spaces, and now it’s more literal.

It is time for us to gather in our circles, in our sacred places that have been activated over these last few years more deeply and more widespread, because of covid and use these spaces to co-create and combine resources. We have the universe on our side. Believe it or not. This was never the lifetime to rest, this was the lifetime that we were always destined to do the deep and neccesary work. The work of liberation through evolution. We cannot evolve if we do not know what we are needing to evolve from. What has emerged and what is emerging is the evidence we need to fully understand the levels of consciousness that exist so we can consciously co-create beyond that which exists.

We knew the end of the patriarchy, a system that has been in place thousands of years, would take time to dismantle. We are only at the beginning of this cycle (Saturn in Aquarius). Change does not occur without major disruption (Uranus) and major Transformation and regeneration (Pluto) As we enter into Cancer season, the Mother of the zodiac, the fierce protector and nourisher, the one who represents oceans, body’s of water, emotions to name a few will be overflowing and be warned they run deep, like the deepest of waters.

We must cleanse, clear and purify that which is absolutely not in alignment with true higher power - Love. Be aware of distractions from your sacred work and your healing work, often these are not separate but may appear to be, and there will be plenty of work to do. Be aware of the part of you that is running patriarchal programming: force, over-working, control, devision, separation, manipulation, engaging in light disguised as dark situations and relationships, media, abandoning self in all ways, co-dependence, fear-based ways of being, going against your own intuition, going against what your body is telling you, projection of individual trauma onto others as a means of avoiding the inner work.

This is a time to turn inward for higher guidance not outward. As beings in women orientated bodies, we must learn to trust the wisdom of our body before anything and anyone else. What is the individual work we each must do to change our own narrative, recognise our own trauma, where it lives, how it reacts and responds, in what ways and with whom and then simultaneously bring that teaching wisdom to others to evolve above and beyond where we are.

We must work within our safe and sacred communities, find them, feel them out, they are here. Tribes, groups, communities whatever your term is, they have been gathering and preparing for these times I promise you that. You will know them by feeling out, they will feel wise, you will feel drawn to their light, their truth, you will feel resonance, it may be subtle, but this is why its important to learn the language of your own body and identify and discern trauma from truth. Learn to feel so you can heal. Healers, Astrologers, conscious counsellors and therapists, embodiment specialists and practices that help you tap in, tune into your own truth, these are your medicine people right now. They can provide you with higher access to evolve above and beyond this and in doing so you will contribute to raising the consciousness of the planet to move above and beyond what we see operating and manifesting in the lower levels of humanity - that which seeks to suppress, oppress, take, control, destroy and the like - learn to recognise the difference. Learn to discern. There are people in need right now that do not have access, so co-create resources, learn to listen and collaborate not dominate, share the abundance of what you have, do not withhold it.

The message of this New Moon in Cancer amidst other important planetary aspects and influences that surround is to take care, preserve your energies, be patient, you will need all your energies and resources to prepare for what is coming. Continue to gather what you have, reflect on what is most needed, what is most helpful and be ready to share it when the time comes. And you will know when that time comes. For now, take time to go inward, rest, reflect and nourish yourself as much as you can.

The sun ( personality, how you shine, can give information your relationship to your father) and moon ( think feminine, womb, cycles and seasons, emotions) are currently in the same sign - Cancer, below the horizon, in the 6th house of work and health. There is a sense of being out of view here, a gestational period, replenishment, a re-ordering, a gathering of energies / resources before emergence.

Opposite the sun and moon is Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th. What's interesting is Pluto, considered the lord of the underworld, the planet of transformation, regeneration, making way for the new by forcing what is hidden to emerge and dissolve. In Capricorn, who is considered the father, think patriarchal energies is in the 12th, which according to Astrologer Chani Nicholas is the house of hidden life, behind the scenes, institutions, secrets and sorrows to name a few. This could suggest that there are layers of information that are hidden beneath the surface that have yet to emerge. This seems to support what is being suggested above. This doesn't mean that we do not take action, this means that we practice discernment over when and with what and then how we take action when the time comes, knowing that there is more information yet to be revealed that will directly influence our action. Think sustainability, staying rooted and grounded, whilst simultaneously connected, source and connect to conscious communities who practice community based conscious collaboration and liberation and remember that discernment on all levels is vital in these times. We will be in this cycle for quite sometime.

Zoom out from within to gain a fuller perspective and cultivate greater awareness. The invitation of these times is to evolve consciousness on a planetary level. And as we know evolution is an ongoing process and it looks very different to what has been and what we are familiar with. Be willing to step beyond your comfort zone.

Helpful tips:

Consider that the moon changes signs every two and half days, so our energies will change according to which sign the moon is in, this will directly influence your physical body and your moods, so tune in and let this be your guide. For me when the moon is in Capricorn I feel extremely productive and I get shit done. When the moon is in Sagittarius I tend to feel scattered and untethered. We will each have our own relationship to the moon and signs and how they influence us, but I offer this a guide for you to look more deeply into how you are directly influenced by these energies every couple of days and not just on a full moon.

The sun shifts into a new sign approximately every 30 days, this will also impact you on a number of levels, more than I can go into here, but on a basic level and over time I invite you to track how you navigate the energies of each season. The planets are also shifting their relationships to each other and impacting you both on an individual level and on a collective level as the above suggests.

Stay tuned - this is the beginning of the beginning. Arm up, take care of yourself deeply, so you can prepare for a sustainable journey of evolution that serves the All.

In Fierce Solidarity and simultaneous softness,

Angharad xo

Photo: Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia June 2022

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