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Radical RE-volution and Transformation - The Time is NOW!

December 2020 - Radical RE-volution and Transformation - The Time is NOW!

We are in that space between worlds, where we have not yet left the old and not yet arrived in the new. The New Moon invites us into that space of darkness where we journey inwards to reflect on where we have come from, where we are and where we want to be. Add in journeying through an eclipse season, which signifies pivotal times of great and deep transformation and revelation, both personally and collectively. What happens during an eclipse is long lasting, those things that are usually hidden come into the light and sight and act as a catalyst for the much needed change that we might not necessarily choose, however consciously working with eclipse will alway work in your favor.

As a Transformational Coach and Spiritual Teacher, the work I do and offer is potent medicine for transformation, the kind of transformation that reveals to you exactly where you are, where you’ve come from and where you want to be. This is a consistent and constant unravelling of the self. An evolution of your Soul through the physical vehicle of your body as this human/spiritual being in this present existence. I love how Meggan Watterson writes, and I paraphrase, that the Body is the Soul’s chance to be here, and I add to be here fully in its most fullest expression and manifestation.

This year has taught and continues to teach us a lot about freedom, what it is and what it isn’t.

How it defines us as individuals and as a global community. In many ways it has brought us together, in that we can relate more in our individual experiences because of the collective experience.

It has allowed empathy to build in ways that only chaos could.

It has shown us what lies beneath the shadows of our structures and systems and how this foundation has shaped our reality and existence, that which has kept us unequal, divided and unarmed for what this year has brought into the light. And it’s far from the dream, illusion that has been presented on the surface, that which we have bought into, that which we have taken on, that which we have lived and carried on as though everything is fine.

Diverting our eyes to the pain and trauma of others, because its too much for us to hold, because it’s not happening to us; because we’re taught to numb and suppress and ignore; because facing it is far too painful to look at and what could we do to change it anyway and how would we change it?

So we stay where it’s comfortable and familiar, even if that comfort and familiar is actually wildly uncomfortable. Why? Because we are too afraid to explore what lives outside of this and beyond it.

But what if that too is an illusion. What if looking at those places of pain and suffering, of what's challenging is actually designed to liberate us?

What if it builds the kind of deep connection and understanding that we need, that we are here to experience in order to grow and evolve as human/spiritual beings? Even if that means pushing us to our growth's edge and beyond. What if this is the stuff life is made of, and we’ve been taught otherwise?

Sometimes we can feel frustrated, irritated, shut down, maybe even angry that we’re not where we want to be, that we don’t have what we want. We feel like we are imprisoned in our lives and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Even if we’ve reached a place where we have that house, that car, that family, that job, that qualification, a robust bank balance, those friends, that wardrobe. What if after all this, we still feel something is missing? An emptiness still resides?

But what if, what if any or all that is also an illusion, a conditioning, a program that we and others have imposed upon us?

So what if we real-eyes that the only thing in the way of changing how we feel and what we do, is ourselves.

Putting our ego to one side. Inviting it to take a back seat.

The stories, both unconscious and conscious, that tells us we are not worthy, we are not deserving, we are valuable, that we don’t have what it takes?

The stories that spin in the background of our mind……….

Who am I to have what I want?

Who am I to be successful?

Who am I to be different?

Who am I to have the relationship of my dreams?

Who am I to stand up and share my story?

Who am I to share my truth?

Who am I to claim my truth?

Who am I to be happy?

Who am I to feel joy amidst a sea of suffering?

Who am I to shine my light so fucking bright that it causes another to shine?

Who am I to choose a life of service to the betterment of the others?

Who am I to claim I can support others in their hidden dreams and desires?

Who am I to show love and devotion to something beyond the realms of the “real physical world”?

Who am I to experience pleasure?

Who am I to live a life that goes beyond the realm of “normal”?

Who am I to choose unconventional?

Who am I to want more?

Who am I to go after more? Who? Who? Who?




That’s fucking who!

Now I know you have your own unique story. You’re own narrative that whispers in the background of your life, or maybe it's louder and it's a constant voice at the forefront.

But here’s what we both know, 2021 is literally just around the corner and whilst this is typically the season to plant seeds of new year's resolutions and such, what if resolution doesn’t cut it this year?

Resolution is to resolve, to solve something that was broken or in need of fixing. And whilst that's most definitely in need. That’s not it.

What if the energy is more like R-Evolution and that this is the key word for 2021. To not just fix something or to resolve it, but to radically change it, to go and grow beyond what was into something that is entirely new.

Under the surface, on top of it, above it, below it and all around it, we are already being set up for this. Our whole life so far, or even lifetimes, not just ours but that of those who have gone before us. Those that lived through what they did, so we could have what we have?

This past year, and some would say longer, something bigger and more powerful is tearing down the walls of structures, systems, forces, powers, belief systems and programs that do not serve, that have not served and will not serve us going forward or the planet.


How we’ve always done things, is a thing of the past. What we thought was secure, no longer is, what we believed in, is becoming outdated. What we assigned power to, is becoming obsolete - we know this, we’ve lived this for the last several months and it's far from over.

Some of us have already powerfully experienced this level of initiation of incredible change - through the loss our businesses, our work, our loved ones, our travel, our communities, our health, our beliefs - some of us have already begun to alter our lives to adapt, to become more flexible and open to the great mystery of the present, evolving times. Some of us have already begun to activate the creativity amidst the chaos, whilst also in deep grief of what is and has been falling away and become lost, and not just in this year alone, but in our lives as a whole. And it's not over. Far from it.

Some of us are still in that deep process of grief and still figuring this out, and that's okay.

Wherever you are, is exactly, where you are meant to be - if you can be open to this idea.

We are a continuous work in progress. We are evolutionary beings. It’s written in our DNA.

There are higher truths here. Truths that are written in the stars. We just need to learn how to interpret them and apply them in our lives.

As we approach the Winter Solstice of 2021, The Great Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction - we prepare for a Coming of Age, a new Era. A significant shift from Earth to Air signs - The Age of Aquarius. Aquarius represents Humanity, the higher mind, the knower, equality. We shift from I to we - collective, global community and what’s in the highest and best interest for all, not just the few. A major adjustment is in the making.

This event is bigger than the typical turning point of the new year on January 1st, this is a turning point of the ages. Literally.

A powerful moment in time that will mark History/herstory/there story/our story.

And like all great journeys, preparation is essential. Planning your trip is important - you need to know how to get from A to B. A trusted and supportive tour guide provides the basic itinerary, reliable transportation and information that keeps us informed, grounded and moving in the right direction with confidence, focus and as much clarity as possible.

Here’s where I can support you - this last couple of years for me has been one heck of wild ride and one that I, in a continuous reflection of awe and gratitude can honestly say has pushed me out and beyond my comfort zone, faced some serious truths and healing of some deep wounds, and like the phoenix rises again and again and out and into the realm of the courageous fire of the heart teacher and onto the path of the Soul’s liberation.

And like every great journey, it's not over, far from it, in fact a wise teacher offers that it's never about the destination, but the journey we travel to get to the destination and who we become along the way. And this is most definitely true for me. As I continue to dive deeply into my own human/spiritual existence and learn, heal, grow and evolve and be initiated into my highest, deepest and most aligned potential - those who work with me experience the powerful transformation of the work I consciously choose to do, because for me, that’s why I’m here and I’m here to support those who are ready and willing to step up, show up and live their lives fully and unapologetically.

Here’s what I do.

I’m a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Qoya Instructor and budding Astrologer and I am passionate about supporting awakened women to powerfully transform themselves, their relationships and lives by cultivating deep sacred connections within and without, activating courageous authenticity and awakening to ecstatic embodied living and loving life.

I would be deeply honored and excited to guide and facilitate the great adventure that has already been awakened in your life and I offer myself in service to you in the most supportive, compassionate and graceful way possible.

There has never been a greater time to do what you came here to do and to do it with someone who can support, empower and activate the changes that are more aligned with the direction you desire.

Want to hear more about the work that I offer?

Schedule your free 30 minute initial call with me, that also includes a short assessment that will help us get to know each other a little better and see if we’re a good fit.

In Reverent Service,


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