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New Moon in Sagittarius. Sun Enters Sagittarius

The New Moon occurs in the sign of Sagittarius at 1 degree on November 23rd at 11:57pm CET and it brings a feeling of openness and lightness. After traversing the intensity of the eclipse terrain over the last several weeks, we now arrive at a different frequency and energy. We have changed. What was, is no longer. What has been set in motion, is already on its way and much further along than we may think or perceive.

We have changed, we are different now (in the wise words of my mentor Jody Shield).

Eclipse Reflections

Whilst the effects of Eclipse season take months to unfold, we can take a moment to reflect on how far we have traveled since the first eclipse on October 25th.

Consider what wisdom has been birthed through you?

What understandings have you now come to realize about yourself, about others?

What new patterns, habits, boundaries are being realized?

Is there more clarity about where you are heading?

Who and what are you heading towards?

What are you moving away from?

New Season, New You

We are entering a brand new season. A new cycle. This new cycle brings with it a greater sense of hope, optimism and possibility. Can you feel it? Do you believe it?

The Sun entered Sagittarius ♐️ on November 22nd (Happy Birthday Sagittarius) who’s archetype includes; the visionary, the gypsy, the student, the philosopher, the endless optimist and freedom seeker. Keywords: I seek/ I see.

Planetary Rulership

Every zodiac sign has a planetary ruler. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, luck, enjoyment, blessings and generosity.

Energy of this Season

As we move into this new season we are working with the energy of movement, change, inspiration, fun, connection and humor. We are drawn to being focused on what’s present and to fully live with enthusiasm, connection and a sense of fearless adventure. Consider the holidays and/or celebrations from across many cultures that occur during this season. It is no coincidence that the qualities mentioned above align with the energy of these celebrations. Ancient civilizations built their cultures based on their observation and lived experience of the Cosmos and working in harmony and reciprocity with these earth / sky energies, knowing that these relationships were essential to their daily and future human / spiritual existence and experience. There is so much we have yet to humble ourselves to learn from here and also be guided by. And learning and adventure is the domain of Sagittarius.

A word to the wise, Sagittarius has a tendency to over-do things, hand in hand with Jupiter who pushes beyond limitations and boundaries, so doing some gentle self-check in’s around where this may show up and how, will be helpful as we move deeper into the season.

Moon Phase

When a New moon occurs, we celebrate new beginnings, planting seeds of what we would like to come to fruition as the moon journeys towards its fullness in a few weeks. This is a good time to step into the magickal energies of this Sagittarius new moon by setting some intentions, making some wishes, offering your desires in your favorite ritualized way.

Ritual Idea

It can be as simple as lighting a candle, burning some incense, drawing an oracle card, meditating on what you would like to call in, then writing down your intentions in your journal or piece of paper and maybe completing your ritual through movement and your favorite song to embody the energy of this New Moon. You could even build an altar with all of the things that you feel most drawn to gathering for this New Moon and if you wanted to take it a step further consider using items that honor the qualities of the Moon, Sagittarius and Jupiter. Simply trust what calls you.

* Remember rituals don’t have to be complicated or drawn out, they can be simple and short and the only thing that truly matters is your Intention and Gratitude.

Holiday Gift card Idea

In honor of the holiday season I am excited to be planting my own seeds. Introducing my first ever Holiday Gift Card for an Individualised Astrology Birth/Natal chart reading.

This gift card is for a 75 minute Astrology Birth/ Natal Chart live reading with yours truly, you will also receive a copy of your birth chart and a recording of the live reading for keepsakes and a follow up email one week following.

What better gift idea for yourself or for another - to gift the gift of Cosmic Guidance and knowing oneself and one’s life direction a little more deeply and more clearly.

To purchase your gift card please contact me at and upon payment you will receive a digital copy of the gift card that will need to be presented at the time of booking.

For bookings please contact me at for a convenient and available time and date.

Gift card is valued at £180 for 75 mins, but in honor of this Sagittarius season you can purchase a gift card for £150 UK sterling payable via paypal or venmo.

Purchased Gift card expires August 2023.

Favorite quote of this Season

“So much of what we experience has to do with how we approach life. This is a chance to open your heart, your arms, and your mind and engage in life to its fullest” - Astrologer, Mitchell Scott Lewis

Sending Infinite Love & Cosmic Hugs,

Angharad xo

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