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Interested in studying Intuitive Astrology? Doors Close tomorrow…….

Join my beloved teacher and friend Virginia Rosenberg for Sky Scholar. I had the absolute pleasure and delight of studying Intuitive Astrology with Virginia in her revolutionary program Sky Scholar levels 1 & 2 in 2021 and 2022. It has been a totally life changing experience. Virginia’s teaching style is so powerfully unique, detailed and fun. She effortlessly radiates ancient wisdom and integrity at the deepest level. Virginia liberates and empowers you to know and trust that Astrology is in your bones. It is an awakening of your deeper intuitive nature, where you cultivate a powerful and beautiful connection with the living sky and a global community of like-minded souls. Learning foundational and advanced knowledge and techniques of how to read and remember the ancient language of astrology and use it as an active guidance system to navigate not only your daily life, cycles and seasons but also in service to others, if you so choose.

“Whether you’re a total novice to astrology,

Or you’re an astrologer who wants to get more creative and integrated with your craft,

Or you’re a healer/practitioner deepening into your medicine and adding to your toolkit,

Sky Scholar delivers astrological education that EXPANDS its students into a glittering field of radical possibility.

Beyond just a course, it is a multi-angled initiation in which you will become proficient in the basics of reading charts for yourself and others.

We practice astrology as an intuitive, embodied spiritual art, Astrology as a tool for healing, aiding awareness, and transmitting energy.”

I am so excited to share that I will be an assistant teacher in the upcoming Sky Scholar course and would love to offer a $334 off tuition price if you register using this link Enroll here using INFINITE as the discount code. I would love to support you in this life changing experience along with the whole Sky Scholar team and community.

We begin March 28th and journey together for 20 weeks.

See you on the other side, StarSeeds .

In Love and Cosmic Service,

Angharad xo

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