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Full Moon in Cancer - Release with care and compassion

Full Moon in Cancer

As we arrive at the beginning of 2023, we are greeted with a Full Moon in Cancer at 16 degrees 21’at 11:08pm GMT.

The Full Moon represents the culmination of something coming to fullness, to fruition. A letting go, releasing of what is no longer needed. Bearing in mind that this is part of a greater and longer cycle of seeds planted in previous New Moons, as well as the last one, similar to that of a pregnancy that lasts for closer to 10 months in truth. When a full moon appears, it directly opposes the sun at the same degree. The Sun is currently in Capricorn.

Helpful information for you

The Moon (what)

The Moon speaks to what nourishes you, your needs, emotional comfort zone, what makes you tick.

Zodiac Sign and Rulership

Cancer ♋️ the Crab is at home with the Moon.


The archetype of this sign is: The Mother, the Healer, Homemaker, Nurturer.

Mode & Elemental qualities

Cancer is cardinal water: Self starter, initiator, pioneer, forceful, ambitious, opportunistic, authoritative, intuitive, vibrationally aware, instinctive, private, spiritual, creative, connecting with people, movement, change, spiritual, deep feelings, feel deeply, connect through emotions and experience and being.

Keyword - I feel.

Governs stomach, breasts.

Consider the crab, who’s home is a shell that provides shelter and protection for this vulnerable creature within its natural environment. Sensitive to feeling the vibrations of all of life, in order to survive, the crab is deeply attuned and ready to respond and react. The crab goes inward to resource and reflect. To access the depths of consciousness and then trust in what is experienced and uses that information as a guide. To emote. To move forward. To then shed what is no longer of use and that which it has outgrown. To learn to love, accept and trust in its continued existence and evolution.

Reflection & Inquiry

This full moon invites us into care, care of self, a reparenting of what we are most in need of in this moment. Cancer feels deeply and is also deeply connected to the past and can have a hard time in letting go. Through the past we are connected to ancestral wisdom and wounding. This moon supports a remembering of information that needs to surface, to be integrated, to healed and to be released with tenderness and compassion.

What is currently arising for you, or perhaps in the last few days that feels familiar and old and simultaneously ready to be released? Notice what arises in your dreamtime.

Community: Who are your people? Who can witness you as you witness your own self for all that you have arrived at, for all that you are and be in full compassionate and loving support for who you are becoming?

Remember, not everyone is an ally, trust how you feel around others and how they make you feel, honor yourself in this truth and do whatever is needed to create healthy boundaries for yourself. Disclaimer: This may be some of the most challenging work you can do for yourself. Growth takes vulnerability, courage and compassion and a safe space to practice authenticity building.

If you could mother yourself through this process, what would that feel and look like?

We came here to live in our most authentic expression, what does that mean for you? Who and what liberates you to honor that?

We began this new year with Mercury in retrograde, this is a time of reflection, re-evaluation, of remembering - listen and feel the seasons of this time as a guide to slow down, to nourish and be with what is rising to the surface. You will feel when the time is ripe for action, but for now rest in your intuitive knowing under this nourishing and releasing Full Moon in Cancer.

The Sabian symbol for Cancer 17 by Lynda Hill of Sabian Symbols offers:


This Symbol shows situations pregnant with meaning and significance. Something starts with a seed and grows until it becomes something reliable and strong. Sometimes, you may feel that you are not growing or developing properly, maybe dissatisfied at perceived failings. Things take time to develop and, rather than being rushed, need to be nurtured to develop. It is important to start small and grow, fertilizing and watering in order for things to grow and flourish. Remember that small and steady beginnings can lead to a beautiful flowering. This can indicate pregnancy or the inception of a new idea.

Warning against grabbing for the fast dollar. Pregnancy, childbirth and growing up. Embryonic cells. The giving and receiving of lessons. The Kabala. The Tree of Life.

Trying to do things that aren’t fully developed. Rushing and missing vital parts in the situation. Aborted attempts. Arrogance about how much one knows.

Blessings to you and your loved ones on this Full Moon and New Year arrival. I have a few openings for readings week of Jan 16th & 23rd, email me at to book.

With Love & Continued Evolution in all things,

Angharad xo

Resource Gratitude & Acknowledgement:

Intuitive Astrologer and Teacher, Virginia Rosenberg

Evolutionary Astrologer, Steven Forrest

Lynda Hill, Sabian Symbols

Magic of I Calendar

Photo Image: Google search Higher intuition cancer full moon

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