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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus Nov 8th 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Nov 8th 2022

What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when a heavenly body/planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body/planet.

Eclipses happen in pairs, but can happen in threes and they always occur on New Moons and Full Moons and on the lunar nodes. Eclipses also occur in relationship cycles, over a period of 18-24 months within a family of signs. These are extra potent events and amplify the energy of both the full moon and new moon energy times 10.

Types of Eclipse

Solar eclipses are a time of new beginnings and opportunities. Remember that we have switched to a new frequency, so this will feel like a reorientation and recentering to the new waves. Take time, once again to tune in and see how things feels and recalibrate to the new level you find yourself in.

The Lunar eclipse brings about emotional endings and a letting go. We can experience sudden unexpected events, big changes, developments and transitions in any area of our life; home, job, career, health, relationships. Things that were hidden can be revealed, we can experience a range of increased emotions and sensitivities, along with activations of new gifts and new awareness.

Eclipses are upgrades. Times of rapid transformation and evolution. It is said that eclipses are like attuning to a new radio station frequency, once the eclipse occurs, we will no longer be able to attune to the previous station, it is lost and gone forever and we will need to recalibrate to the new frequency.

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus

This full moon eclipse in Taurus occurs on November 8th 11:02am UK GMT, this is the follow up from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the opposite sign of Scorpio on October 25th conjunct (beside) the South Node.

The South Node represents the past, what is comfortable and familiar but also what keeps us stuck in doing so inhibits growth. This previous eclipse in Scorpio led us into the depths of old, karmic patterns, awakening deep healing in relationship to earthly resources and finances.

Simple way of understanding Astrology

A popular quote amongst astrologers that speaks to the macro and the micro is ‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” - Hermes Trismegistus

We are interconnected. Period. Full stop.

Micro Astrology

This Eclipse cycle began November 19th 2021 - an invitation to reflect on what themes were present for you at that time.

Macro Astrology

In the world we were watching extreme weather conditions such as flooding in Canada, being cut off from major resources, panic buying, major impact on supply and demand chains, stock market corrections.

Eclipse Cycles

The current Eclipse cycle - Nov 2021 - October 2023 on the Scorpio / Taurus nodal axis with a Uranian influence, features themes such as Mother Earth, deep healing, finances, sustainable resources, rebellion, revolutionizing systems and structure. However we are also experiencing some other heavy planetary influences, that like it or not will liberate us into conscious evolution. I won’t speak to this all now due to the nature of trying to keep this simple. So take a moment, if you choose, to reflect on how some of these above key themes, and how they may or may not be playing out in the world and also your own personal life and psyche.

Let's break this full moon down a little - Introducing the Players

This full moon in Taurus is conjunct the planet Uranus (also in the sign of Taurus) and the North node (also in the sign of Taurus) AND in a square (tension) to Saturn in Aquarius.

The Moon represents our emotions & feelings, my body, intuition and habits and Uranus represents liberation, change, revolution, eccentricity - lightning is often associated with Uranus because of its catalystic nature.

Taurus ♉️ the bull is an Earth Spirit. Key words associated with Taurus is practical, methodical, steady, sensual and grounded. Taurus is associated with the material realms, food, sustainability, embodiment, pleasure in all ways and also earthquakes. Keyword - I have. Taurus Governs the ears, throat, nose, neck.

The North Node represents the future and what we are stepping into, what we are being called into.

Saturn is the planet of systems, structures and limits and is in the humanitarian & innovative sign of Aquarius. This combination speaks of revolutionizing outdated societal structures that no longer serve us. Notice what systems and structures need to change in your life that are no longer sustainable, perhaps this has been in review in the last year. Also notice political structures that have been and continue to be dismantled. Today is USA midterm elections and this full moon influence will surely unfold in unexpected ways.

What's this Full Moon about?

This full moon invites a cleansing, a purification of old ways of being, patterns and habits that will not and cannot serve us in stepping into what we are being called forward into. Conjunct rebellious Uranus, anticipate disruption and change, crisis as a catalyst for awakening. Squaring Saturn in Aquarius, an ongoing theme to these times, we experience a push and pull, a tug of war so to speak.

Remember that chaos is the alchemy of transformation and transmutation, we often do not choose it because of the discomfort that it creates and the unfamiliar territory it can lead us into.

What can we do to support ourselves: Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Slow down, rest and replenish.

  • Focus less on output and more on input.

  • Do the thing that you know need to do and take care of.

  • Notice how your body feels? What does it want? What does it need? How can you nurture and nourish your body in sustainable ways?

  • Notice your thoughts, what are your feeding your mind? What are the quality of your thoughts? What news patterns of thought would be more supportive to the evolutionary you?

  • What are you hungry for in your life? Your mind, your body, your spirit?

  • In sacred reciprocity, how can you honor and respond to Mother Earth in ways that she needs, that she is demanding, that we can no longer ignore. Do your part in contributing to the bigger sustainable picture.

  • Let go of the person, place, thing, habit, pattern - whatever it is that is calling you out of stuckness and repetitive patterning and into the freedom you so deeply desire.

Let yourself be deeply nourished through this process, be gentle with yourselves and each other. Eclipses are drawn out processes that take time to unfold.

If this was helpful please feel free to share ways in which it felt supportive and also share with others. Consider supporting the work of small businesses that support the greater collective.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate you.

With Love and Softness,

Angharad xo

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