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Astrological Weather: Mercury Retrograde Season 3 2022

2022 Mercury Retrograde - season 3 out of 4

  • Mercury entered its pre-retrograde shadow on August 20th @ 24 degrees of Virgo.

  • Mercury stations retrograde September 10th @ 8 degrees of Libra.

  • Mercury will station direct October 2nd @ 24 degrees of Virgo

  • Mercury will leave its shadow October 16th @ 8 degrees of Libra

Helpful information

Pre and post retrograde happens around two weeks either side of the actual stationing retrograde and stationing direct, which means we feel the energy of this building for this full duration

Mercury facts

Mercury, is known as Hermes and is referred to as the messenger of the Gods, likely because of the swiftness of its cycle in comparison to other planets. Mercury takes around 88 days to orbit the sun and travels approximately four times a year around the sun, which aligns with our four seasons here on earth. We tend to feel Mercury due to it being the closest planet to the Sun.

Mercury, known as the planet of communication, it's the ruling planet of Gemini (think twins, communicative, social, flirtatious and curious) and co-ruler of Virgo (think service, discerning, perfectionist tendencies, analytical ).

Mercury is about how we think, how we listen and how we talk. Mercury is also about movement of all kinds and transportation in the obvious ways, but also in the broadest sense. Mercury is considered to carry the trickster energy. So when this planet stations retrograde, meaning it “appears” to go backwards in the sky, we can experience all kinds of interference with technology, travel, conversation, spoken, written and miscommunication of all kinds. It is advised by some astrologers to not sign or commit to anything during a retrograde, unless you were born under a retrograde and it has apparently more of a supportive quality. This may not be the time to make any big purchases if you need to, then double, triple check everything. Apply this caution with any sensitive documents or contracts and consider backing up your technology and other important work. A sense of humor and extra helpings of patience is definitely encouraged during this time. Really give yourself permission to slow down and reflect on where you’ve been and how much you’ve grown.

“Embrace delays as creative time” - Astrologer Browyn Simons

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Libra, moves back into Virgo and then proceeds back into Libra.

Let's start with some Libra & Virgo Facts

Libra facts:

  • Libra’s ruling planet is Venus.

  • Venus keywords: Beauty, Romance, how and what you love, finances, relationships

  • Libra’s element: Air.

  • Quality of Air elements: Intellect, communication, thinking, socializing, multi-tasking, quick, learning, reading, writing, independent, curious, observant.

  • Libra’s is a cardinal sign.

  • Quality of the Cardinal Mode: Initiating energy: ambitious, authoritative, pioneering, active, opportunistic.

  • Libra rules 7th House of committed partnerships (intimate, business, friendship etc)

  • Qualities of Libra: Relationships, peacemaker, mediator, justice

  • Keywords associated with Libra: balance, harmony, artistic, beauty, romance

  • Polar sign: Aries

  • Organ system and body: Hormones, Kidneys, Endocrine, lower back

  • Key Phrase: I relate, I balance/we balance

Virgo facts:

  • Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

  • Mercury keywords: see above

  • Virgo element: Air.

  • Quality of Air element: Intellect, communication, thinking, socializing, multi-tasking, quick, learning, reading, writing, independent, curious, observant

  • Virgo is an Earth sign.

  • Quality of Earth: Practicality, logical, grounded, dependable, service, goal orientated.

  • Virgo rules 6th house of physical and psychological health, day to day work and duties, personal service

  • Qualities of Virgo: Analytical, detailed, discriminating, discernining, efficiency, perfection, Priestess, healer, in service

  • Polar sign: Pisces

  • Organ system and body: Small intestine, liver, solar plexus, abdomen, pancreas

  • Key phrase: I analyze

Retrograde reframe and helpful tips on this retrograde season:

Ultimately, Mercury retrograde is a time to explore all the re-prefixes: Review, re-think re-evaluation, revisit, re-do, renew. It’s the perfect time to slow down and go inward. As Mercury moves into Libra, the sign of relationships and balance, the invitation is to be with oneself, to journey inward. Become aware of the mirror reflection that others are presenting to us. Use this information to reflect upon who you are, who you want to become and how you want to show up. There is an opportunity here to bring conscious awareness to the hidden parts of ourselves through others that may not feel so good, however this is how we learn and grow into the best version of ourselves. This may also be an opportunity to discern what belongs to you and what belongs to the other, to know thyself more clearly when in relationship with others.

As Mercury then moves into Virgo, the invitation is to tune into the truth of who you are, to infuse the sacred into the daily. Virgo leads us into the awareness of the changing of the season, specifically the upcoming equinox. In celebration of the harvest or planting season, she invites us to honor the bounty and beauty of what has been cultivated and how intimately connected we are to the nature cycles and seasons.

How to navigate this Mercury Retrograde season:

Tune into yourself, practice being, revel in slowing down, creative journaling practices, nature walks. Surround yourself with beauty of all kinds, anointing yourself with your favourite essential oils with your intention, nourish yourself with colourful and flavourful foods that support your body and celebrate the season. Indulge yourself with sacred care and beauty rituals. Anything that feels creative and artistic will be particularly supportive during this time. Creating personal sanctuary-like spaces for yourself each day, truly schedule these times and allow yourself to feel in alignment with this retrograde season is wanting to support you with.

Simple Birth/natal chart reflection to consider:

  • What sign Mercury is in?

  • What planets do you have in Libra?

  • What planets to do you have in Virgo

  • What houses are each of these in?

The house will reflect the area of your life that will be most activated during this time.

Key Dates to consider:

  • September 10th September: Full Moon in Pisces at 17 degrees

  • September 21st: International Day of Peace

  • September 23rd: Sun enters Libra and the Fall Equinox / Mabon

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Photo credit: Zane Baker via google images

Resources gratitude and acknowledgement: Astrology for yourself Douglas Bloch & Demetra George, Astrology Hub - Founder Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh & Sheridan Semple, Shamanic Astrologer, Magic of I diary, Zane Baker Astrologer

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