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Are we serving our children and future in the now?

"An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of humans, the enhancement of value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.”~ Maria Montessori

The Maria Montessori Educational Philosophy was birthed in 1907. This above quote whilst timeless, feels ever present now more than ever. As we begin to navigate a brand new future, let us remember that we are as a humanity on an ever evolving continuum, as we always have been and that which needs to change and grow is visible through the systems of natural law that force us into the dark and in to unknown territories, oftentimes through chaos and collapse, so that we can be born again anew. Much like a forest fire, there is an entire life cycle in process that doesn't always make sense, but in a broader sense of reality, is actually highly beneficial. But the process is not always easy, pretty or within our desired timeline.

A lot of my conversations over the last couple of years regarding the pandemic with fellow educators and health and healing professionals, have been around our concern for the mental health and wellbeing of our children, our youth and how to support them through these times of isolation from their friends, their community support groups and activities, families - their entire social, emotional and physical structures and systems, the polarization of government, media and societal influence, personal and collective safety and security threatened, triggers of past trauma and crisis being brought to the surface to name but a few. Of course as adults we are also navigating this too, but my focus here is to bring more light and a voice to maybe what we are already seeing.


How are we addressing these issues? How are we truly supporting the reintegration back into these systems and structures? Are we having honest conversations? Are we practicing compassion with ourselves and each other? Are we sharing what we experienced, what we learnt? Are we aware of others suffering? Do we give ourselves and others permission to share and be vulnerable about their experience? Do we know how to do that? Do we know how to have heart to heart conversations? Do we know how to actively listen to another? Do we see the same people as before? Have we lost people we love? Either through difference or death? Have our friends lost people they love? How are they doing? How are you doing? Do we know how to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations around loss, fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, healthy issues and concerns, loneliness? Did we really honestly think we could really return to "normal so quickly?" And what is normal anyway.

I've heard that parts of the UK are considering extending the school day to an extra hour. My first LOUD thought was, Really? WTF? Is academia really being put ahead of our children's mental health and wellbeing? Our future leaders? This is how we consider serving them well?

Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” It is time we focused on what has been hidden and what is most uncomfortable if we want to evolve in the way that nature is now insisting upon.

The aforementioned issues, and many more, that the pandemic brought forward were always around, they just weren't in plain sight or were ignored, suppressed and or did not receive the attention they needed.

Sidenote: A huge shout out to all those within the mental health, well being and healing fields who have been instrumental in addressing these issues in all ways and realms for eons.

The pandemic has shone a light on the vast darkness of our humanity. It used to operate just out of sight, in another continent, country, community, group etc so we could use the excuse that there's nothing we could do to assist or change things. But now, with the pandemic, we are globally in it together. There’s no more hiding. No more denying. No more blaming - for real! We are in the process of learning what true empathy is. And we are still leaning into using old tactics of blame, separation, segregation and competition to navigate this - sigh!

I believe this is not a coincidence, this is a test. An invitation to work with what we have been given, rather than continue to live in denial that these real issues do not exist and that do not have a detrimental impact on all of us. As we know with covid, because of what you experience, I am impacted in some shape or form, there is always this ripple effect. This is about realizing we are all connected, no matter how much you think or feel separated. This is about finding Unity and living from this place. The lessons are hard, but how else is change made. What was, is not what is now. Let us evolve as we have since the beginning of time. The earth has much to teach us in these life cycles , if we stop long enough to see and hear what is being spoken through in ways that we have learnt to tune out over thousands of years, because at some point humans thought they knew better than nature.

If the pandemic taught us about how and what we prioritize, what were they? How did they evolve? What are they? How do they reflect how you are now living and are choosing to live? What holds true value for you? Is what you value sustainable, not just for you but for those around you? One of my teachers invited me to reflect on this a few months ago ; What you spend your time doing and what you spend your money on is what you value? So if you spend your time watching TV, this is what you value. If you spend your money on learning, this is what you value and so on. So what do you value? What are we placing value on as a collective humanity. Is it from a place of love or fear? Is it from a place of engagement or passivity? Is it from a place of presence or escapism? Togetherness or Separateness? Academics or Mental health?

If you build a house, you want a strong and solid foundation. This is true of humanity. Are we building from true wisdom that arises from lived experience or outdated and worn out models of beliefs that serve the few, but not the many in an attempt to avoid evolution? As if we could…………….

In Sacred Partnership and Alliance with the Evolution of all things,


Therapeutic & Transformational Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Qoya Instructor & Intuitive Astrologer in Training

Image Credit Above: Sara Ballard, Costa Rica. Image Credit Below: website

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