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Surrender it All to Love

A Love letter by Angharad - Can I Surrender it to Love?

This is a call to Prayer. This is a call to Action. To me, To you, To all of us!

This is a call to one of the greatest journey’s of creating and sustaining a Sacred connection to the living Divine within your own Be-ing and Do-ing.

This is a call to Devote yourself, to yourself for the purpose of accepting every part of yourself as whole and complete, as you are, right now. A Living embodiment of Divine Perfection.

This is a call to Surrender all that you fear, all that judge, all that your reject about yourself and another. Surrender it to Love. Let Love in! Let Love Be! Let Love Live! Let Love nourish! Let Love Nurture! Let Love touch you in all those places that long to be touched! Let Love be your teacher! Surrender to Love’s teachings!

Love seeks to penetrate every area of your life, through every experience. Love wants you to remember that you are Love. Love wants us to empower others to Remember that they to are Love.

Love seeks to liberate you from wherever you are, into a deeper relationship with yourself and the world itself.

Let your inner world and outer world come into open communication, and allow each external experience guide you through your inner journey, taking a moment to pause and letting Love be the one to respond and react in each moment.

The Divine seeks to gift you with the understanding of how Love Always Wins. For you. For me. For each of us.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Can we allow ourselves to be a humble witness and respond to each life experience, no matter the outward appearance, through the eyes of Love?

Can you Trust and surrender to the lessons that Love seeks to teach you, over and over again. Remembering that what you resist, persists.

Can you choose commit to what it takes to Love so deeply and faithfully that it cannot falter?

Let what ignites that passion within your own heart, in your own life, be the primary Guide toward cultivating Love, and become a teacher of Love, through being a dedicated Student of Love.

It is my clear understanding, through my own experiences, past and present that this is the purpose of this journey of life. The journey of Love and becoming the living embodiment of that Truth in all that we do!

In All ways, Let Love be your North Star!

In Deep Surrender to Love,

Angharad xoxo

Photography by Meghan Doll Photography

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