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An Invitation to Rise

Photo Credit - Bryan Menne

Amidst our current climate of life, we find ourselves in unknown waters, the future seems unclear, the present conditions offering no safety or security, fueled with fear from media sources who's motivations are to add further fear to the masses, creating further instability and separation. What we bear witness to in places like Standing Rock is a direct visual of what we are experiencing as a collective on a psychological level. Conflict of the inner and outer worlds, fear v's Love.

Often we find ourselves confused as to what the truth is, who to trust, where even to begin to source what the truth is. This can feel both ungrounding and terrifying, particularly if we allow our attention to stay focused on relying on outside sources to tell us what is real and what isn't. When we give our power away in this way, it will leave us feeling powerless, out of control and very afraid.

My current reflections and personal work:

What if we were to view this current state of our world as an opportunity to look within?

What if we viewed this as an opportunity to become present with what fears are evoked when we bear witness to the happenings around us?

To become so present and so still as to simply observe our own reactions to what we see and feel?

What if we allowed ourselves time and space to allow those feelings to rise up within us and rather than react, to just receive the messages that come through. To practice just being with those feelings, as uncomfortable as they may be rather than project outwardly toward another or others?

What if those things that evoke fear within us is really an opportunity to come in to right relationship with fear itself. As Virginia Rosenberg shares, In order to heal it, we must feel it. No longer holding others accountable for our pain but taking responsibility for our own pain and tapping into sources that can heal what hurts?

In my experience when we recognize the cause of the suffering the medicine presents itself. Whether through a friend, a lover, a sign of some sort, an opportunity. What if the medicine lies in the presence that we gift the problem?

What if this is an Invitation to Rise up and into what we each came here to do? For ourselves? For each other? For Mother Earth herself?

When I become present with what is right now, I witness people from all walks of life coming together in solidarity. I see people taking a stand. I see people going in search of truth by taking action in all ways to be the truth they seek. To create the truth of what now needs to be. Speaking up, showing up, Rising up, Empowering others to rise up, above and beyond comfort levels, no longer staying stuck in mistruth and injustice.

I don't know about you but what I feel is a fire in my heart and soul that has been ignited by Divine outrage by those things that are so outdated in their beliefs and programming that it is no longer sustainable or acceptable for any of us to allow what has been, to continue. Radical change is needed.

This understanding was my own invitation to Rise! This is my invitation to you, to Rise. Rise into your fears, Rise into what you Love, so dam deeply that it energizes you like a Divine nutritional supplement for your Soul. What makes you come alive? Do that! What fills you with passion? Do that! Share that with the world! Allow that Passion to motivate you into positive action! Ghandi shared " Be the Change you wish to see”.

Let us Unite our hearts and hands in our own Divine Unique expression, no longer separate in our Sacred work, but together in Solidarity to what is Sacred in each of us, and in all of us, for all of us and share that.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude for all that you do, and all that you are,

In Divine Peaceful Partnership,

Angharad xoxo

Photo Credit - Bryan Menne

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