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Between the Veils

Photo credit - Qoya

Qoya ~ Between the Veil with Angharad Menne @ Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture Minneapolis MN October 30th 5-6:30pm

I invite you to a Dance. A dance with our Ancestors. The veils between the seen and unseen are much thinner at this time and we celebrate the opportunity to link hands and hearts with those who dance in Spirit in the ethers. And in beautiful synchronicity we also dance to honor the New Moon in Scorpio, the sign of mystery, magic and an embracing of all of life and its cycles, within and without, above and below, throughout all time, space and dimensions.

Typically we look back on our life and reflect on those things that are Ancestors passed along to us, those things that we carry within our being and life that we then pass along to others, to our children, the good and the not so good. And yet how often do we take the time and space to reflect upon the meaning behind those things and how they serve us or perhaps how they don’t? How often do we reflect upon the gift of those things? Whether they have arrived through pain or joy? How often do we consciously take the opportunity to send those that came before us Love & Gratitude for all of the work that they did, for all that they endured in their lifetime that allowed us to live the lives that we do now?

Can this present a challenge to some? Yes absolutely. Can this arouse grief, anger and sadness? Hail Yes. Can this initiate joy? Yes. Can this initiate a deeper feeling of Love and compassion. Absolutely. The fact is this reflection alone will arouse all of those emotions that we rarely allow ourselves to experience in their fullness, through fear of feeling too much and awakening things that we may or may not be ready or willing to face. There comes a time in ones life or many times, when something or someone will evoke these emotions, and when we begin to allow ourselves to feel, and be with what is, can we begin to experience the deeper meaning behind why it exists and begin to allow the necessary healing to take place that will and can lead to living life fully, as it was meant to be lived.

In Qoya we call it dancing with our Shadow. The part of us that we often want to repress and pretend doesn't exist. The part of us that holds the stories of our lineage shame, guilt and fear. And yet the more we ignore the shadows existence the deeper it goes and the bigger it gets, often in those hard to reach places, and often manifests through other means such as sickness & dis- ease in all of their forms - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. As we suppress the shadow side, we also suppress our light side, the other half of who we are. In order to experience life in its fullness, we must embrace and feel it all. Our whole self and allow ourselves to emerge fully, completely and authentically.

It takes courage to reach deep within us to pull forth what we has been passed along to us, that we carry within us, for what has carried us through, for those things that we pass along to others, that we have passed along and continue to pass along to those in our lives whether that be consciously or unconsciously. We will bear daily witness to the reflection of ourselves in others. It is through this experience that we begin to learn and understand more about who we truly are as individuals and become aware of what serves us and what does not. In doing so we can begin to take the necessary steps towards change for the betterment of all concerned.

I present to you this idea: If we can be open to explore that our Soul chose the path we walk along in this lifetime, so as to experience what we each could in order to move onwards and upwards towards a better way of being. In relationship to ourselves. In relationship to each other. In relationship to the world itself. To truly understand our influence and the power we have to change that which needs to change. We bring forth in this lifetime experiences, also know as karma, from other lifetimes that we serve us and/or further our experiences in the current lifetime. To learn those things that we did not previously, and also carrying forward the karma of our Ancestors in all forms.

What if we opened up to the idea that we are not alone in our work in this lifetime. Even if we feel it, even when we are physically, we are never alone. What if we allowed ourselves to call upon and feel the support that our Ancestors have sent to us and with us and continue to offer us on our journey’s right here, right now. To make a difference. To take a stand for those things that they could not in their lifetime. To bring voice to that which needs to be voiced, with Courage and authenticity. To heal that which needs to heal, for ourselves, for each other, for our future generations to come. We will discover that those who support us between and beyond the veil are with us each and everyday, in our hearts, in our challenges, in our joys, in those moments of global suffering, they dance for us and with us. Furthermore, at any given time they are ready and willing to aid us, when we ask for their help and guidance. We need only ask.

Know that our Ancestors are not just those of bloodline but those of our past lifetimes throughout different times, space and dimensions. When we look beyond what the eye can see, beyond the realms of this physicalness of humanness, we can draw upon the profound wisdom, comfort and healing of all of the ancient ones. Whatever draws your interest in culture, places, peoples, things, this is said to be part of your own lineage. I invite you to reflect upon those things that call to you in interest, delve deeper into the fascination behind those interests that grip your attention. Look bigger, look deeper, look beyond and into why those things draw you and when you follow your heart and trust in the places and people it calls you towards, then you will begin to the journey of remembering who you are, where you came from and why you are here in this lifetime, and why you dance with those who dance beside you. The answers you seek, lie in the questions you have yet to ask, and often the space needed for those answers to come through needs to be created.

So Dance into this time of Mysticism and Magick. Dance with me. Dance with each other. Dance with your Ancestors. Dance with all of our Ancestors and let us each draw upon that wealth of wisdom and use it for the highest good for all concerned and let us send those things into the future, as what we do today, the decisions and choices we make today will influence those in the future, and here we stand, right now, as the Ancestors of future generations, and they too will look back and bear witness to your journey and honor you for all that you did, for yourself, for each other, for the world.

Throughout all time, space and dimensions I honor your dance in this lifetime and your courage to dance beyond the veil in your everyday existence.

Deep Reverent Bow to each and all,

Angharad xo

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