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Meet Angharad 

Hi I’m Angharad,

I offer Astrological Counselling & Qoya Inspired Movement. I am passionate about empowering and liberating others to live a true and meaningful life guided by authentic purpose. 

For more information or scheduling a session, simply email directly


I really look forward to working with you.

Grounded. Recentered. Renewed. Re-aligned. Remembering. Words that come to mind as I reflect on my recent session with Angharad. She gave me the gift of being heard. I finally felt peaceful,  nourished, and validated (after weeks/months of unrest/loneliness) upon diving in to my birth chart with Angharad. She possesses the deep listening and compassion of a trusted friend, the wisdom of an ancient grandmother, the knowledge of a well-studied scholar, and a no nonsense attitude for dealing with the unconscious people we meet on life’s path. My head is still swirling with the queries we focused on in my session and I’m thankful that I can revisit the recording at my leisure. Your time, energy, money invested with Angharad will come back to you tenfold. 

Carly Antus Wilk

Angharad delivered an incredible session. What a gift a personalised birth chart is and Angharad helped me understand what I had always been overwhelmed by for the first time! 


I left with a much deeper understanding of my own astrology and immediately was able to put this information to use in my life. Astrology is an incredibly helpful tool to understand who I am and how I move about in the world and Angharad is great at demystifying this information and making it accessible. Having the opportunity to integrate and embody the knowledge of the workshop through a Qoya class was perfect and deepened my relationship with who I am and my personal astrology even more. I cannot recommend this experience enough!

Meghan Field

Independent Consultant

Qoya Teacher + Empowerment Activist

Owner, Sacred Kernow Retreats 

The Intuition Conversations Podcast 

There was an aura of nurturing sweetness and naturalness as I sat down for my reading with Angharad.  The heartfelt connection to intention was a visceral experience… one that rooted and landed me in the present moment.  I appreciated deeply Angharads creation of sacred space and her gentle invitation to open my heart to my reading.  The session was given with an embodied sense of profound presence and connection to the sacred stories wanting to be spoken.  With intuition and sincerity Angharad moved through my chart offering affirmation, insights and knowledge, always responding to what arose intuitively- weaving an illustration of my astrology with space for the divine to speak.  Giving me answers to my questions and juicy, unexpected kernels to chew on, witnessing aspects of my chart that needed to come in to my self understanding.



"With gratitude, we acknowledge humanity’s elders, past, present and emerging. We honour the Traditional Guardians of the lands where we live, work and travel. With a spirit of sacred kinship as one human family, we recognise that human life is a precious gift, worthy of respect, and every human being possesses innate dignity and a life journey that holds meaning, purpose and value". - Alana Fairchild

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