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New Moon in Pisces - Creating space to dream

New moon in Pisces ♓️

Surrender and Rest into your intuitive higher knowing, trust in your ability to tap into the cosmic intelligence and wisdom that resides within you. Access this depth by engaging in imaginative activity’s that create spaciousness and connection to the sacred and let it flow.

If you find yourself feeling weepy or extra emotional check in with yourself to see what’s yours and what might belong to another. Clear it. Release it back to the sender with love and compassion. And return home to yourself.

Remember setting clear boundaries are beneficial and essential for all concerned. When we take on stuff that doesn’t belong to us, we inadvertently take away the opportunity for others to learn and grow in and through what was divinely meant for them and equally we can then become aware of how we are distracted from that which is meant for us. We don’t always realise when we’re absorbing other peoples energies, however we can learn to know ourselves more deeply, notice how we feel around others, how we may react or respond in the moment to others, and also when we leave their company. As an experiment notice how you feel around others, notice if your mood shifts when you’re around certain peoples and places. Take space to be a witness to your own intuitive body and what it needs and how it can be nourished.

These are some helpful techniques for discernment on what’s supportive for you, what is not and an invitation to create healthy boundaries that do feel more aligned and supportive. This new moon is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ which amplifies the invitation to consider taking a break from technology and the external busy and tune into your own internal guidance systems.

Venus enters Aries ♈️

Take passionate action on what you truly value. Mars rules Aries, which is currently in Mercury, the communicator of the zodiac. There is potential for more direct communication in relationships, that could be spiced with intensity and courageous honesty. Be aware of how you wish to stoke the flames in your relationships. You may feel more courageous in taking a risk towards a new love connection or relationship. The New Moon in Aries next month is directly connected to this current new moon and will support what we are intentionally creating and visioning now. This will drive us into taking assertive action. Know that Venus will stay in Aries ♈️ for a few more weeks before it enters into Taurus ♉️ on April 6th 2023.

Read for your sun and rising where this New Moon in Pisces will activate

Aries - Awakening and renewal of perspective

Taurus - New community vision

Gemini - Career, purpose, Legacy

Cancer - Travel, learning

Leo - Investments, intimacy

Virgo - Partnerships/Relationships

Libra - Daily work and health

Scorpio - Creative expression, children,

Sagittarius - Home, needs, belonging,

Capricorn - Communication and contracts

Aquarius - income, skills

Pisces - Rebirth in Self, autonomy

Rest well, dream big and trust in the divinity of the unfolding.

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With Love,


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