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Mars direct - Forward motion begins

Mars goes direct.

If you’re feeling like there’s a little bit more forward movement possible, you can thank Mars the planet of Personal drive, Action, Will power, Activity, sexuality and assertiveness from moving out of its retrograde phase that it’s been in since October 30th 2022. Mars has now stationed direct as of January 12th. During this time you may have experienced a slowing down on anything you wanted to take action on, perhaps a feeling of stagnation and lack of motivation and quite possibly some frustration and irritation. Bear in mind, Mars will stay at 8 degrees until the 24th January, which is when we will really feel forward movement and release. In Gemini, ♊️ get ready to feel energised and busy.

Don’t get to excited though because we still have two more planets that are retrograde that have been influencing a lack of forward motion, some deep reflection and re-evaluation.

Mercury the planet of communication and thinking is still currently retrograde in Capricorn ♑️ and will station direct on January 18th (one day after my birthday 🥳 I also have mercury in Capricorn 🥳). Mercury will leave its shadow on February 6th 2023 at 24 degrees of Capricorn. See here for more information on Mercury Retrograde and how it can be actually be a supportive phase. Mercury Retrograde resource .

Uranus the planet of change, disruption, surprise, freedom and awakening, stations direct on the 22nd January. Uranus has been retrograde in the sign of Taurus ♉️, a fixed sign, since August 28th 2022. Uranus isn't a fan of being in Taurus due to Taurus not being being a fan of change. Go figure! Uranus wants to innovate and revolutionise, and being retrograde in Taurus, the invitation has been to do the inner work on the themes of the body, the role we play at large in the world in terms of sustainability and the impact we have on our earthly resources. Since Venus the planet of relationships and finances is the ruler of Taurus, both these themes have been significantly connected, both personally and collectively. There will be a deeper dive into these themes when Uranus goes retrograde again in Taurus at 23 degrees come August, but we will feel the impact as the planet of expect the unexpected enters its pre-retrograde shadow May 12th 2023 at 19 degrees. Reflect and also watch these themes have and will play out in the collective and take innovative action on what you can do to support change both within and without.

So if for the last few months, like me you’ve been feeling unable to make much progress and in a deep in life review, feeling like the rug keeps getting pulled from under neath you on a daily basis 😝, feeling super unmotivated, tired and needing more rest then consider this your validation and confirmation of perhaps why.

Light at the end of the tunnel phew 😮‍💨.

Towards the end of January we will have no planets in retrograde! 🥳 This is when we can expect that feeling of the New Year to truly feel aligned and maybe a time where we can set those intentions, actually begin to take solid action and starting feeling lighter. Imbolc February 1st beckons - but that's for another post.

Meanwhile, rest, nourish yourself, listen to your body, notice what’s calling for your attention, don’t take on anything that moves you beyond your capacity to show up for what's truly essential, consider what is most sustainable for you, your energy and your attention and get super firm up your boundaries of who and what takes your energy and what is not in a balanced and equal energy exchange.

Journaling prompts

Notice what themes have been present these last few months?

What have you learnt about yourself?

What have you learnt about others?

What’s changed?

What wisdom are you emerging with that wants to be infused into your daily life, your relationships.

What wants to stay?

What wants to leave?

What needs to leave?

How are you different?

What now wants to be built?

Sending so much love, wishing you a gentle transition into the New Year!

I have a few openings for Astrology readings for the week of 6th February, email me at to book your reading!

Why get an Astrology reading?

We can dive into the specific area of your life that these planets have been activating and transforming or we can simply look at your natal chart to offer guidance as a means of moving forward from where you are, to where you’d like to be!

"Since the dawn of civilization, Astrology has been used to help navigate our daily lives, patterns, cycles and seasons. Guided by the positioning of the luminaries; the Sun and the Moon, the stars and planets, humans were able to determine when to travel, when to plant, when to harvest and even navigate the weather to name a few. Astrology invites us to understand the cycles, seasons and patterns in our lives and can be a powerful healing tool for personal growth, evolution and healing. Astrology allows us to navigate our lives in alignment with the Universe. " - Angharad

Help me to help others

I would be sincerely grateful that if you have received something useful from these writings, or if you've received Astrological guidance or counselling from me in any way, please share my work with others. I love Astrological Counselling, it is such an effective and helpful tool that brings such clarity and understanding to daily living, it has been such an incredible tool in my life, particularly when things have and are at their most challenging.

I began studying Astrology in July of 2019, with Astrology hub, and then studied more seriously under Intuitive Astrologer/Teacher in her awesome Sky Scholar program. It literally changed and empowered my life and allowed what was happening in my life and the world at large to make sense. And now because of the major impact it has had on my life, it is my heart felt joy and passion to share it with others. I am now courageously choosing to step up and into this being my main body of work and income to support myself and my daughter. As I begin to create and build my astrology business from the ground up, I am so excited to share this healing tool with others, it's an incredible blessing to have others refer, share and benefit from my work in ways that feel reciprocal.

I look forward to supporting your growth and evolution 🙏🌟

With Love & Continued Growth,

Angharad xo

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